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Find Out If Your Credits Can Transfer

Take Your Learning to the Next Level, Faster

Colorado Technical University (CTU) is dedicated to helping you reduce the amount of time it takes you to earn a degree in your field of choice. Our goal is to help you reach the future you envision for yourself, sooner. That's why we have a team of Prior Learning Assessment Specialists who can evaluate your official documents and transcripts to determine if your existing credits are eligible for transfer.

The following experiences could make you eligible for prior learning credits:
  • Eligible College Credits
  • Course Challenge Examinations
  • Experiential Learning demonstrating subject matter mastery through documented work experience
  • Eligible Military Credit for training or Eligible Military Occupational Specialty
  • Professional Training/Certification credit
  • Standardized Assessment score results (AP, CLEP, DSST)
Request more information to learn about the prior learning assessment process.

Not all credits eligible to transfer. See the University's catalog regarding Colorado Technical University's transfer credit policies.

Invest in Yourself and Your Future

Pursue your Online Degree at CTU

It's time for a new kind of online educational experience: one that is personalized, guided by industry trends, driven by technology, and designed to help you reach your potential. Here at CTU, our online programs allow you to connect and network with students, faculty, advisors and alumni who share your passion for personal growth, educational advancement, and desire for career-focused skills.

You can choose from a wide range of online degree programs in some of today's most in-demand fields, including Business & Management, Engineering, Information Technology, Health Sciences and Security Studies. Our online learning options are flexible enough to accommodate your lifestyle, and our technologies provide the convenience you need to complete your degree even with a busy schedule.

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Get on Track to Pursuing New Opportunities

No matter what your perceived hurdle is, there's a way to go back to school.

With flexible online scheduling, the ability to take classes from almost any Internet-connected computer, and financial aid available to those who qualify, you can find a way to go to school and earn the education you deserve.

It can help create more opportunities for you in your current position, or in an entirely new field. The choice is yours.

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Earn Your Business Degree at Colorado Technical University

Today's increasingly complex business environments create opportunities for focused professionals.

Colorado Technical University offers a real-world approach to defining, pursuing and achieving your desired professional goals in many of today's areas of the business world.

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Get Connected with Career Services

Access the Resources You Need

At CTU, you get access to the people, resources and information so you could pursue your goals in your field of choice. We team you up with your own career services mentor who can help you:
  • Explore your various career options
  • Create a professional resume
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Network with professionals and employers in your field of choice
In today's competitive job market, having access to a professional network is just as important as gaining knowledge in a particular field. Get the resources you need so you could get ahead in the industry that interests you.

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Find out If You Qualify for Financial Aid

Get the Information You Need to Plan for Your Future

Determining how to pay for your online education is an important decision. At Colorado Technical University, we are here to help make this process as straightforward as possible. We keep it simple by offering a single price for the entire cost of your education. Plus, you can meet with one of our dedicated financial aid advisors to find out if you qualify for any aid.

Our advisors can work with you one-on-one to make sure you understand your options, including any tuition reimbursement* your employer may offer. And they can help you fill out any necessary paperwork. Our simple, upfront approach is designed to help take the stress and uncertainty out of financing your education.

Fill out the form to learn more about your financial aid options today.

* Check with your Human Resources Department regarding your organization's tuition reimbursement polices if they offer it.

What Will it Cost Me to Attend Colorado Technical University?

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Healthcare Degrees at CTU

The College of Health Sciences is dedicated to helping industry-focused individuals seeking the credentials to pursue opportunities in the healthcare field.

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Information Technology

Information Technology is essential in all industries, not just high-tech companies.

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Earn Your Master's Degree at Colorado Technical University

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a professional degree intended for those who aspire to increasing levels of responsibility in business and industry.

An MBA is an investment in your future. The MBA can provide a foundation for opportunities in a variety of industries, including accounting, finance, marketing, and operations management.

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Why Military Students Choose Colorado Technical University

  • Liberty Grant** for military personnel and their eligible spouses.
  • Waived Application Fee
  • Accepts DANTES credits for review
  • Military friendly deployment policy
  • Specialized Military Admissions Department
  • Member of the Servicemembers Opportunity College

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**University grants or scholarships are based on established criteria as published in the University's catalog and are awarded after verification that the conditions of eligibility have been met.

School's Never Out of Reach

Use CTUMobile™ to Stay on Top Of Your Education

Let your smartphone or other device work for you. With CTU's Mobile Apps, you can use your Android or iOS device to:
  • Contact Support on Our Virtual Campus
  • Check Your Assignment List, Your Grades or Class Announcements
  • Participate in Discussion Boards or Provide Feedback
  • View Course Outlines or Listen to Course Multimedia and Check Announcements or Notifications*
To learn more about Colorado Technical University, including our Mobile apps, fill out the form to the left.

* iPad only

Pursue an Advanced Degree in the Field of Management!

To become effective managers, business experts need applicable management knowledge and skills. People possessing a combination of disciplines have the potential to transform organizations.

The Colorado Technical University Master of Science in Management is a specialized online degree program designed to help prepare you to lead and manage business operations in today's global business environment.

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Discover Education Unlike Any Other

Get Plugged-In to Accessible and Dynamic Learning

Advancing your education doesn't have to drastically alter your lifestyle. We know you're busy. You have a job, you might have a family, and you have an entire list of commitments that must be met. That's why CTU offers online education that helps you prepare for your future, without requiring you to change who you already are.

CTU offers a plugged in educational experience that can allow you to:
  • Connect with students, faculty, advisors and alumni in unique, beneficial ways
  • Take advantage of our award-winning*, student-centric learning platform
  • Access next-generation technology that can adapt your learning to your needs
  • Get paired with a personal career services mentor
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* Colorado Technical University's Online Virtual Campus was recognized as "Best of the Best" in the Education and Academia category of the 2009 Computerworld Honors Program.

Take Advantage of a Technology-Rich Learning Environment

Get Access to the Resources You Need

CTU offers industry-relevant online learning options that are customized to help meet your needs. With plenty of student-driven activities to complete, and the ability to choose the learning style that can best meet your needs, CTU's online degree programs can take your education to a whole new level.

Thanks to our innovative online learning platform, you can pause, play, rewind, and fast-forward through your learning materials. And with our Virtual Campus you get access to multiple classroom delivery options, plenty of social networking opportunities, and communication whenever it is convenient for you. Plus, when you use CTU Mobile™, you can carry all these Virtual Campus resources in your pocket.

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Your Education at Your Pace

Determine How Quickly You Obtain Your Degree

In addition to offering you a technology-driven, personalized, and truly innovative online educational experience, Colorado Technical University (CTU) allows you to pick your learning pace. We understand that you have a life, and you want an education that fits into it. So no matter what your current work schedule looks like, or how busy your personal life is, you can pursue a degree that just may be the next step in the future you envision for yourself.

You can choose how quickly you obtain your degree:
  • Career Pace - Accelerated pace where students take two classes at a time.
  • Traditional Pace - Students alternate taking one class, then two classes, during each session. Students are full-time status.
  • Part-time Pace - Students take one class at a time and they are full-time status.
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Work on your Master's Degree while Earning your Bachelor's

With CTU's Master's Advantage, You Can Make the Transition

If you're working on your Bachelor's Degree, have you considered continuing on and earning your Master's as well? At CTU, we give you the opportunity to get a taste of what our Master's programs are like. In some cases, there may be an option to begin a Master's program while you are in the process of completing your CTU Bachelor's degree.1 With the Master's Advantage, you get to take two Master's classes during your Bachelor's program. If you decide to pursue your Master's, you can complete it sooner because you will already have Master's credit.

Fill out the form and an Admissions Advisor will contact you to learn more about how you can accelerate your Master's degree.

Take Your Education to the Next Level

Stand out with a Doctoral Degree

When you enroll in an online Doctoral Program at CTU, you can get access to dynamic, technology-based learning that challenges and excites you, but more importantly can prepare you to pursue your goals in your field of choice. Our award-winning* online learning platform allows you to customize your educational experience to match your needs and your lifestyle.

Online classes in our Doctoral programs are taught primarily by faculty, many with industry-relevant experience. With a wide range of multi-media materials and Virtual Campus resources available from your laptop or mobile device, CTU could make it easy for you to learn when and where it is convenient for you.

Get more information about the Doctoral program at CTU. Fill out the form to learn more.

* Colorado Technical University's Online Virtual Campus was recognized as "Best of the Best" in the Education and Academia category of the 2009 Computerworld Honors Program.

Invest in Yourself and Your Future

Begin Your Degree in One of Our Accredited Business Programs

We understand that your education is a big investment. That's why we have experienced faculty, and industry-current curriculum that has received initial accreditation of the business programs from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) Baccalaureate/Graduate Degree Board of Commissioners.

Our courses are taught by instructors with real-world knowledge. The ACBSP accreditation certifies that the teaching and learning process within the Business & Management degree programs offered at Colorado Technical University meet the rigorous educational standards established by ACBSP.

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